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Is masonry produced by a bricklayer, using bricks and mortar to build up brick structures such as walls. Brickwork is also used to finish corners, door, and window openings, etc. in buildings made of other materials. Where the bricks are to remain fully visible, as opposed to being covered up by plaster or stucco, this is known as face-work or facing brickwork.




Is a range of materials and techniques for paving roads, driveways, parking lots and gardens. Whether pervious concrete, porous asphalt, paving stones or bricks, all these pervious materials allow stormwater to percolate and infiltrate through areas that would traditionally be impervious to the soil below.




Are typically made of durable surfaces such as bricks, tile, or natural paving stones. Commonly found in outdoor decoration for Gardens and landscapes.


Is the covering on the uppermost part of a building. A roof protects the building and its contents from the effects of weather. Structures that require roofs range from a letter box to a cathedral or stadium, dwellings being the most numerous.

Flat Roofing

Is a type of covering of a building. In contrast to the sloped form of a roof, a flat roof is horizontal or nearly horizontal. Materials that cover flat roofs typically allow the water to run off freely from a very slight inclination.


Is a skilled craftsperson who works with timber to construct, install and maintain buildings, furniture, and other objects. The work, known as carpentry, may involve manual labor and work outdoors.